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United in Diversity

United in Diversity



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After the first joint publication book edited in 2012 , this book is the second one that documents the interdiscliplinary academic exchange under the framework “United in Diversity. Framing Diversity in Indonesia and Germany” between the University of Leipzig, Germany, the Jakarta State University, Indonesia and the Brawijaya University, Indonesia. When programmes and co-opertaions are organized together by the academic institutions, joint publication books are a very important tool to present and spread the results of the academic exchange to a wider audience nationally as well as internationally.

Under the frame topic of the 2012 Joint Summer Programme, “United in Diversity? Framing Diversity in Indonesia and Germany”, topics related to “Citizenship and Education” were presented by lecturers and students and dealt with in working groups. The results of the presentations are published in this book.

This book gives an interesting insight into German and Indonesian views on citizenship and education from a legal and socio-cultural perspective. It shows how much of an important role-player the “educated citizen” for the democratic development of a Unity in Diversity has become in Indonesia as well as in Germany despite the different history, philosophy and legal systems of both countries.

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Afifah Kusumawardara, Cristoph Enders (ed.)

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