cover-Animal health and disease prevention PUTIH
cover-Animal health and disease prevention PUTIH

Animal Health and Disease Prevention



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Animal diseases   important  to get deeper understanding because that have serious  constraint  in animal production.  Often occurred  these diseases could have  transmitted  against human with direct  route or  or by animal product as a  raw material of food. Disease of animals still impact against  a serious constraint in animal production. Therefore some basic knowledge about diseases is needed for animal science, veterinary medicine and  those peoples working in the field of animal medic and production.

Most forms of prevention are based on husbandry, good housing, proper ventilation, (pasture) hygiene and adequate feeding, all belonging to our profession, in general terms is Good Management Practiced. In this field the veterinarian meets the animal scientist. Another  form  of prevention, which is increasingly being used, notably in viral diseases, is vaccination. The design and distribution and actual application of vaccines belongs to the domain of the veterinarian. Hopefully he majority of the international community, observers animals,  and student of animal science can utilize this book properly.

After this edition there is next  book with subtitles  Common Tropical Animal Infectious Diseases an Overview, arranged  about all  microbe against livestock disease. Each of these types of micro organisms has its own biological properties. The examples are choosen either on the ground of the high incidence, economic importance or specific demands for prophylaxis.

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